Foreclosure notices are nothing to take lightly. We are here to help you keep your home, or to protect yourself if you no longer want to keep it. Depending on your situation, we can work with you to mediate with the lender, request loan modification, seek a short sale, tender your deed to the lender, or file bankruptcy to slow down or even stop the process.

How Many Payments Can I Miss Before They Start To Foreclose?

Typically, it is three months. At that point, your lender may quit accepting your payments. This means that they are beginning the foreclosure process.

What Happens In the Foreclosure Process?

You will receive a number of letters from your bank, and eventually will be served with court papers. These papers demand that you answer or otherwise respond to the foreclosure complaint by a given date. If you fail to do so, the lender wins the case and your home can be scheduled for Sheriff's sale.

What Is A Sheriff's Sale?

It is the sale that takes place at on a certain day every month, depending on your county, and is where foreclosed homes are sold. You will receive notice that your home is going to be sold on a given day.

What Happens After the Sale?

It is confirmed, and then the new owner will attempt to evict you. This process typically takes two months after the Sheriff's sale.

Can I Stop This?

Yes! But only until the date of the Sheriff's sale. After that, there is absolutely nothing we can do to protect your house.

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