Bankruptcy is essentially a five step process, and your involvement -- other than making your plan payments in a Chapter 13 -- should end within four months of filing.

Step #1: The Initial Interview.

We sit down and discuss your options, including whether bankruptcy is right for you, and if it is, what chapter makes the most sense.

Step #2: Credit Counseling.

You have to take a credit counseling course, which you can do online and which costs about $25.00. This should take you about an hour and can be done anytime from home or work.

Step #3: Filing.

We will go over your petition and discuss what each and every entry means, so that you understand what you are signing, and are sure that the information in these documents is correct.

We then file these documents with the Court, get you a case number, and see to it that your creditors are informed of your filing. This is when all the phone calls stop!

Step #4: The Meeting of Creditors.

This sounds scarier than it is. We give you a call beforehand and prepare you to answer all the questions that the trustee -- who acts like the judge in these meetings -- might ask.

When you arrive at the meeting, we will be there to greet you and take you through your meeting with that trustee. It normally takes five minutes, and typically no other creditors show up.

Step #5: Getting to Discharge.

You will have to take a second credit counseling class, which also costs $25.00.

In a Chapter 7, your case will typically be discharged within sixty days after your meeting of creditors. In a Chapter 13, your plan will typically be confirmed within sixty days, and the only thing normally left for you to do is make payments until you get your discharge.

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